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Respiratory Equipment
The CompMist Compressor Nebulizer delivers therapeutic aerosol medication both effectively and efficiently. This self-contained unit is stylish, attractive. And, the convenient nebulizer holder built-into the front of the machine lets you use both hands when pouring the medication, reducing the chance of spilling.
This compressor features a storage compartment to keep small items like yours ...
Pediatric Urine Bag. Extensively used for short and long-term urine drainage, it is highly acclaimed among the customers we have. In addition to this, the entire range of surpassing quality urine bags offered by us is widely applauded for the provided molded handle that offers an easy handling.
  • Light weight
  • Available at nominal market prices
  • Durable

It is very easy to accomplish the required flow rate. Set the requested flow rate. IV Flow Regulator is ready to use. IV Flow Regulators are disposable single use products. An intelligent can save not only money but everything including a drop of medicine to reach the patient.

Advantages & Features of I.V. Flow Regulator:
  • Sterile product for single use.
  • Precise flow rate control of IV fluids and Medicines with range of 5 to 250 ml / hr.
  • I.V. Flow Regulator designed with 60 cm length of extension tube.
  • ICU, ICCU, Kidney failure, Cardiac Patients & any patients who needs some medicines to be given slowly can use Flow Regulator.
  • Cost effective. If there is no adequate no of infusion pump they can make use of I.V. Flow Regulator or instead Infusion pump we can use this.
  • No Power consumption, battery backup is not required.
  • Easy to handle, easy to use.

Surgical Tape

Nitto Surgical Tape

  • Low Irritation Tape 
    Special hypo allergenic adhesive reduces skin irritation.
  • Strong and Flexible
    Provides a firm application as well as maximum freedom of movement.Applied more often on the same area such as elderly people & children, dialysis patients.
  • Painless removal
    Excellent adhesive with low removal of stratum corneum.
  • Protect from water
    Perspiration and waterproof adhesive, stay in place even when wet.
  • Easy application
    Very convenient to use, easily cut by hand.


  • Type:
  • Applications:
    minor surgery, NICU , PICU , MICU , SICU
  •  Configuration:


Product Introduction

Low pressure electromagnetism pump, power off without feedback;

Equipped with the liquid bottle;

S-2 low pressure aspirator: Alarm indication for full of bottle;

S-3 is made with streamlined design; Alarm indication for full of bottle.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor (BPM 64)

  • 2 users for each 90 sets memory
  • Date/Time Stamp
  • Large LCD Display
  • IHB Detection
  • Inflation Detection Function
  • Power Saving Design
  • Low-Battery Indicator
Looking for Disposable Ambubag and Anesthesia face mask (air cushion oxygen mask) with rounded  soft silicone cushion for better seal and comfort, you are at the right place.

These masks have Ergonomic shape for lower dead space and better air circulation.

Made of 100% clear, medical grade silicone, latex free, reusable and all parts are fully autoclavable up to 134 °C.
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